About Me

Hinnerk Schulz-Hildebrandt

I'm Hinnerk Schulz-Hildebrandt,here you will find information about me and my work in the field of optical coherence tomography and biophotonics in general.

When I was a little boy, I was driven by curiosity and creativity. Nowadays It’s paired with passion for optical biopsy to get a better understanding about the human body, make diagnosis of major diseases better and control treatment.

Since 2010 I helped to further developed technology pushing intravital microscopy forward. Like optical coherence tomography (OCT) and Multiphoton microscopy (MPM).
Whether it’s theoretical work on image formation in OCT, bringing OCT to a new resolution level by developing microscopicOCT, combining OCT and MPM, perform preclinical and clinical trials or doing the next step by transferring benchtop setups into endoscopic probes no thicker than two human hairs, or 2 mm endoscopes imaging dynamic in-vivo with cellular resolution, all work I’ve done so far is focused on making optical biopsy better and better.

Do you love making new professional acquaintances? Me too!
Being in contact, talk about technology’s, be curiosity and creative is the major spurs of scientific discoveries.

List of Publications

Micro optics


Dr. rer. nat.


Dissertation Microscopic optical coherence
tomography for imaging of mucus transport

final grade "magna cum laude"

Universität zu Lübeck

Electrical Eng., M.Sc.


Thesis Influence of spherical and chromatic
aberrations on optical coherence microscopy
finale grade 1.0 (with honors)

University Hagen

Dipl.-Ing. (FH)


Thesis Development and characterization of a miniaturized 3D forward facing endoscope probe for use in optical coherence tomography
final grade 1.8

University of Applied Science Lübeck



Dual training

Work Experience


List of Publications



Harvard Medical School and
Wellman Center for Photomedicine at
Mass General Brigham

Group leader


microendoscopy and optical sensing

Universität zu Lübeck

Research assistant (Team leader)


Projects (selection)
- microscopic OCT
- endomicroscopic OCT
- endoscopic OCT
- all fiber based OCT probes
- microangiography

Universität zu Lübeck/ Medical Laser Center Lübeck

Scientific Engineer


Projects (selection)
- polarisation sensitive OCT in ENT
- microscopic OCT
- endomicroscopic OCT
- combined imaging OCT/MPM

Universität zu Lübeck